Puget Sound Energy will be sending customers something that stinks. More than 1.5 million homes and businesses will get a scratch-and-sniff pamphlet with their billing statements through October.

With a little scratch, the pamphLet emits a sulfur-like aroma. Some might think it smells like rotten eggs, but it's actually intended to remind customers of what it would smell like if there's a natural gas leak at home.

PSE says everyone in a family needs to recognize the odor, and know what to do if they smell it.

  • If a natural gas odor is detected inside or outside a house or building, or if a leak is suspected, everyone should get out immediately.
  • Do not switch any lights or appliances on or off.
  • Do not use cell or landline phones.
  • Do not use anything that might create a spark or has a flame, such a lighting a match or a cigarette.
  • When far away from the area, call 911, or PSE s 24-hour emergency hotline at 1-888-225-5773. PSE s natural gas technicians will respond immediately from our service centers at no charge to check out a problem.
  • A hissing sound, blowing dirt or bubbles in a puddle may also indicate a possible natural gas leak.
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