The world s largest producer of personal care products announced it is banning two chemicals used in dozens of products.

Washington State groups led the nation in calling for bans on the use of phthalates and triclosan in products sold here. The chemicals have been linked to birth defects, cancer, and diabetes. Many believe the substances pose special threats to children.

This decision comes a year after another giant producer, Johnson and Johnson announced a similar decision.

The Washington Toxics Coalition which helped lead efforts to ban the chemicals in this state released the following statement:
We commend Proctor & Gamble for its decision to remove the chemicals diethyl phthalate (DEP) and triclosan from its products. Washington State has determined diethyl phthalate is a chemical of high concern to children's health. The science is clear that these chemicals do not belong in consumer products, especially those we put on our bodies. P&G's action shows that what is good for public health is also good for business. We encourage P&G and other product manufacturers to continue making their products safer by removing other toxic chemicals that pose a risk to public health.

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