Jeramie Kendall fell asleep on his couch Saturday night, unaware he happened to be inches from where a car would plow through his apartment wall early the next morning.

First words out of my mouth were, seriously? Kendall recalled.

It was around 2 a.m. Sunday when the car crashed through his Kent apartment on Pacific Highway South. Kendall said shelving and wood was all that kept him from being crushed by the concrete blocks knocked down by the car.

The car was actually inside the house, he said.

Police believe the driver and his passenger were under the influence. Both left the scene but came back later and surrendered.

In an ironic twist, Kendall, who works at a nearby auto auction, said the car that demolished part of his home will likely be at his work later this week.

I m probably not going to be coming in for a couple of days, he said, But that car will.

Kendall s apartment is uninabitable for now and the Red Cross is helping him find a motel for the time being.

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