SEATTLE-- Should the minimum wage jump to $15 an hour? There is now a push to raise the hourly wage across Seattle.

Nick Hanauer, founder of Seattle venture capital company Second Avenue Partners, is calling for the minimum wage increase. Hanauer believes this would give more purchasing power to poor and lower-middle-class Americans.

The fundamental law of capitalism is if workers have no money, businesses have no customers, Hanauer said.

In the Ballard neighborhood, some businesses are skeptical about the idea. Gabe Gagliardi is the owner of the Boar's Nest. The employees at his BBQ joint are paid hourly and Gagliardi said he wouldn't be able to afford $15.

You can't just force businesses to pay more money to their employees, Gagliardi said.

Just a few blocks away from the Boar's Nest is a boutique owned by Sara Leonard. She opened up just about a year ago. When asked about the idea of raising minimum wage to $15, Leonard said I have mixed emotions about it.

Leonard said she has worked minimum wage jobs and likes the idea of businesses taking care of employees. Although she hasn't hired any employees yet, she admits a minimum wage increase could play a factor.

Despite the debate, it is unclear if this proposal will move forward. The minimum wage in Washingon is currently $9.19.

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