SEATTLE -- Angry parents put up picket signs at the Seattle School District headquarters Thursday. They're upset that their sibling children have been assigned to different elementary schools.

The problem is touching more than one family in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood.

It's huge for cohesion of a family for kids to be going to the same school, says mother Parnel Lettunich.

The Lettunich family bought their Wallingford home to be close to their neighborhood school. Their son, Maceo is going to the Stanford School. But their daughter, Nico, has been assigned to attend B.F. Day in the fall.

The school boundaries recently changed. To keep the kids together, the parents say they mailed the sibling preference paperwork on time.

But, the school district says they missed the deadline.

We have to make sure we're fair to everybody and that means people have to meet the requirements, just turn in their paperwork on time, said Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman Teresa Whipple.

So far, more than two Wallingford families are upset with the split school assignments.

It's not fair. They're not being accountable and what's that message? complains mother Claudia Ciscero.

The families appealed. The appeals were denied. They were put at the bottom of the school waiting list. Even below families without sibling preference.

It's a stand-off as the clock ticks to the first day of school.

The School District says the families can keep their siblings together if they choose a school that if farther from their homes.

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