These days ads are everywhere. They're on your TV, your computer, your smart phone and now, in your face.

Seattle company Biking Billboards is taking advertising on the road.

Bicyclists are using their two wheels and accessibility to market clients who want that personal touch. It is true social media -- emphasis on the social part.

It's an old fashioned yet new concept Jace Lieberman created with his mom and her real estate company. Traditional advertising wasn't really gaining traction.

So I took an old burly trailer of ours and I cut out the inside and I put a sandwich board on the back and I rode to the Chateau St. Michelle concert series over in Kirkland, recalled Lieberman.

It was a hit.

When people were asking for a business card when I was just pulling a trailer for my mom, I was like, there's something here, he said.

You'll see them at the Bite of Seattle or big sporting events - places crowded with people depending on the client's desired demographic.

On this day, Biking Billboards had one team at the Storm game and another team working the Seattle Waterfront with coupons for the Woodland Park Zoo. Trailing behind them is a sandwich board featuring a lion cub.

This is the zoo's second waterfront ride. A similar outreach effort over Memorial Day weekend was so successful, they wanted to target tourists and the summer crowd.

The bikes are the secret sauce because we can go to the Sounders games and ride in places where people are walking. It's a more memorable interaction and experience, said Liberman. You'll probably remember talking to someone getting a handout more than seeing an ad on the side of a bus.

No question the riders had plenty of takers for zoo coupons. But how is it being received?

I don't really care for it at all, said Lorri Baird from Portland.

Still, Baird admits she's buying what they're selling and plans to cash in her coupon at the zoo.

Biking Billboards' brand ambassadors have also done rides in Portland and Park City, Utah. They hope to expand into Colorado next fall.

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