If your travel plans take you to Eastern Washington over the weekend, you can travel back in time for a taste of the Old West at one of Washington's only chuck wagon cookoffs.

A cowboy's song fills the air, along with the aroma of biscuits baking over an open fire.

The scene takes you back to the Wild West and into a heated competition at the Chuck Wagon Cook-off in Dayton, Washington.

Bob, John, and Rodney are among a half-a-dozen chefs preparing cowboy chow just like cooks did in the 1860s.

The art of feeding hungry cowhands working cattle drives began in 1866 by Texas rancher Charles Goodnight. He was the first to turn an old roundup wagon into a portable kitchen.

Back then, not much could be carried out on the range. And that's the challenge today: cook everything to perfection outside in a Dutch oven from an authentic chuck wagon. No fancy ingredients are allowed.

Whatever the grub, It's got to be good and ready to feed a posse of people at dinner time.

The payoff to slaving over a hot stove: happy campers who truly appreciate a taste of the Old West.

The Chuck Wagon Cook-Off at the Columbia County Fairgrounds in Dayton runs Wednesday through Sunday. CLICK HERE for tickets and more information.

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