For nearly two years I have been investigating towing violations against Bonney Lake Municipal Judge Ron Heslop. Now the state is taking action by putting a hold on the Judge's business.

But his issues aren't over.

The order filed against Judge Heslop has effectively shut down one of his towing companies and put the other just an infraction away from the same fate.

We're going to watch him very closely and make sure he is following all the rules, said Christine Anthony with the Department of Licensing.

Judge Heslop owns Puyallup Towing and Engle's Towing.

My investigation began when Engle's Towing dropped a motorcycle off the back of a truck. Despite surveillance video showing the incident, bike owner Steve Patrick couldn't get the judge to take care of the issue.

He said he'd make everything right, take care of the motorcycle, said Patrick. And 16 months I haven't heard from him.

Later Heslop told me he took care of the situation.

Heslop's businesses have also been the subject of a number of Department of Licensing actions.
The businesses have been accused of illegally towing cars, overcharging customers and failing to pay surplus funds from auctions to the state. The penalties total more than $20,000.

As a result of the order, Anthony says Heslop has put Puyallup Towing in the junkyard.

He agreed to surrender the license, so he's out of business, said Anthony.

As for Engel's Towing, the state issued a revocation of the license that will be stayed for two years with one caveat - there can't be any new violations.

If he breaks the law then we will revoke his license, said Anthony.

In addition, the State Patrol has suspended Heslop's companies from its towing rotation for 90 days ending September 2.

As for Patrick, he got a payout for his bike from the insurance company. And he's eager to see this ongoing saga with the judge come to an end.

I'm glad part of his company is out of business, said Patrick. And hopefully the other part will be out of business because he's not representing the public. And I think the public is in danger because of his operations.

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