Each year, lung cancer strikes more than 220,000 people. It's the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women, higher than colon, breast, and prostate cancer.

It will kill 160,000, but adding something to chemotherapy could help beat the disease.

Kimberly has small cell carcinoma, a very aggressive form of lung cancer, but something new could help her.

Dr. Wahid Hanna is helping investigate how adding immune-boosting antibodies to chemotherapy drugs could help patients like Kim.

The antibody attaches itself to cancer cells, making the cancer vulnerable to a patient's own immune system.

After six rounds of chemotherapy combined with the anti-body, the tumor in kimberly's lung has shrunk by half.

After patients complete the combination treatment, they can choose to continue taking the antibody without the chemotherapy.


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Principal Investigator: Moacyr de Oliveira, MD

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