Vandals are blamed for up to $1500 in damages to the Veterans Wall in Port Orchard. Lights were smashed and phrases like Make love not babys (sic) was sprayed in graffiti across bricks honoring area servicemen.

It happened sometime Saturday.

If the people that desecrated this had seen what was going on in combat they d probably have a different perspective, said veteran Don Winslow Sr, 81.

This crosses the line. This will be the last time, said Mark Traylor, an Iraq War veteran.

Traylor and other volunteers, including his 17-year-old son Aaron, started cleaning up the memorial Sunday morning.

Not how I wanted to spend Father s Day but you know what, that s worth it, said Traylor.

These people on the wall are fathers or have fathers or sons. They don t deserve to have their names defaced, said Aaron.

After blasting off the paint with a cleaner, volunteers etched the names back into the defaced bricks. A special coating was also sprayed on the wall to prevent further damage.

I d like to get them by the neck and teach them a lesson, said Winslow Sr., who brought his family by the wall.

How would they feel if it was the brick that belongs to their relative, said Don Winslow Jr.

Local VFW members plan to keep close watch of the wall until whoever did the damage is caught. So far, police have no suspects.

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