There s a lot of stress that comes with the change at the end of the school year. Children thrive on routine, so even a happy transition can cause some turbulence. Some children will experience insomnia, decreased eating or anxiety, and big changes can even trigger feelings of depression in some children. Check in with your children if you re worried, and remember that it will likely be most important to listen to their concerns.

Here are a few tips to help your family make the switch to summer vacation.

Tips for a successful summer:

  • Help children transition by keeping routines constant
  • Even if bedtimes shift, keep time consistent one day to the next
  • Set a goal to spend one hour outside every day
  • Make a wish list with your children to find out what they would like to accomplish during the summer
  • Check in about safety concerns (driving, water safety, sunburn)
  • Prioritize fresh fruits and vegetables -- you're in control of what comes into the house
  • Make a countdown until a family v
  • Allow for some unscheduled time



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