When a Spokane hair stylist shaved her head to show support for her sister, who has stage IIIovarian cancer, her employer asked her to wear a wig.

The stylist, Melanie Strandberg, instead decided to quit her job, Patrick Erickson reports for KHQ.

I did it to support her and anyone going through cancer treatment, Strandberg said. I think it's really important that when somebody's going through that they don't feel alone.

Strandberg has worked as a stylist in the Spokane area for nearly eight years. She said it's her passion. Before resigning her job this past week, she had been a salon supervisor at La Rive Salon and Spa at the Northern Quest Resort and Casino since December.

I don't feel like I should need to cover up what I'm standing up for. The reason that I did it was to support, and I'm proud to show that. I'm proud to support her. I don't feel that's something that should be hidden, Strandberg said.

Strandberg has since filed suit against her previous employer for discrimination and harassment.

In a statement posted to KTVB's Facebook page, Northern Quest Resort and Casino said Strandberg's experience was inconsistent with our values and culture, and it is conducting a thorough internal examination to find out exactly what happened.

The casino also said Melanie's job is still available to her, if she so chooses.

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