A curriculum committee in charge of design ideas for Federal Way High School is considering including a daycare center for teenage parents in designs for the new school.

Nineteen-year-old Allison Susedik has an 18 month old baby boy. She says going back to school after his birth took time.

I was looking for childcare, trying to find out how to do it, said Susedik. I took about a year off, I would say. That got me really behind in credits.

Susedik is one of 15 students in the teen parenting program at FWHS, a school that will be rebuilt next year.

Some educators, like Sherry Kerr, who runs the program, are lobbying to have a childcare facility in the new building.

The advantages to the students would be huge, said Kerr.

She says it would not only give teen parents another resource to help finish school, but also help facilitate another way to teach students good parenting skills. The daycare could serve as a reminder to other students as well.

Kids, when they see how much work it is to have a little one, I really think it's a deterrent to having a baby early, said Kerr.

Diane Turner, head of community relations for the school district, said the idea is just a proposal. It would need to be weighed with the other needs and costs of building the new high school.

Claire Wilson, the Federal Way school board director, says they're considering many options including off-campus programs that can address the problem.

There are early learning programs that may or may not have capacity, but this is a time to have some conversation, said Wilson.

A curriculum committee made up of parents, students, staff members and educational experts will make the final recommendation on design to the superintendent.

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