The truck that is suspected of triggering the I-5 bridge collapse belongs to Mullen Trucking of Alberta, Canada.

It was being led by a pilot car hired in Washington state, with a driver who would presumably be familiar with the 16 foot clearance of the bridge.

A Mullen spokesperson said the truck had the proper permits to carry and oversize load in Washington State, but beyond that declined to comment further.

KING 5 s review of Mullen s federal truck safety record did not turn up any glaring problems. The company has a slightly better safety record than the national average.

A State Patrol source says the Mullen truck passed through the weigh station in Bow right before the crash.

Oversize trucks like other commercial vehicles may be inspected by commercial vehicle enforcement officers, but those inspections are random.

Typically, trucks that pull into a weigh station pass over the scales and may be quickly scanned by the State Patrol, but they are usually not given a vigorous inspection.

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