Microsoft will hold an event Tuesday to announce its new version of the popular Xbox gaming console. The Kirkland-based company released almost no details, other than that it will be a new generation reveal.

With Microsoft, it s hard to call anything make or break, commented Editor-in-Chief of Geekwire Magazine Todd Bishop, But this is really critical.

Speculation over what Microsoft has in store has ranged from an online-only system to one that cannot play older games. Specifics will have to wait until Tuesday morning.

Bishop believes the new Xbox would act as a sort of Trojan horse to other gadgets from Microsoft.

It s strategically important for Microsoft to have this in people s homes, he suggested, Feeding into other Microsoft products.

Tuesday s release is also eager anticipated by gamers and retailers. Jay Adams, who helped develop the first Xbox, now owns Play and Trade Video Games in Kirkland.

Gamers are looking for that next step, Adams said, They want that next gaming console to blow them away.

Tomorrow could be a game changer.

The gaming industry has struggled recently. Nintendo s WiiU is not selling.

Microsoft s own Windows 8 and Windows Phone have faltered as well.

If the Xbox doesn t continue to lead the market, Bishop said, It makes things very difficult for Microsoft.

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