John Norman was building a dream home for his family in Woodinville. He died in a tractor accident last week, and now his friends plan to finish what he started.

John Norman was building a home to make a better life for his family. The 31-year-old died last week when a tractor he was operating rolled over.

He was a really strong family man, just a good person too, said mother-in-law Brenda Klos. It s the wrong sequence of order in things.

My own faith was rattled, I was like come on, take me, said John s father-in-law, Eric Klos.

It s hard to imagine he's not going to be here, said John s wife Breanna.

It s a nightmare Breanna and daughter can't wake up from, and it gets worse.

We just found out a couple of weeks ago that we were having a girl, said Breanna.

It was important to him to bring her home, in their new home, said Brenda. If we could get it done before Abigale is born in September that d be awesome.

A day after Norman's funeral, friends and family knew they had a job to do.

It s the rest of the dream that needs to come together, said John s friend, Mike Barter.

We'll be able to show his daughters what daddy built, said Eric.

The home isn't just a place, it's where John lives on.

We won t let her daughters not know their dad, said Brenda. He lives on in our memories.

John didn't have life insurance and his wife only works part-time. A fund to help the family is in the works and the website should be ready to go in several days.

If you would like to donate skills or materials you can contact Mike Barter at 206-660-2143.

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