Deputies raided a Shoreline home Thursday and seized guns, other weapons and drugs. They also found stolen property worth approximately $100,000 that deputies say was floor to ceiling in the home.

Katy Houston took a front row seat at the end of her street, hoping to watch the final act of what has been a drama dragging on for two decades.

It's 24/7 traffic, she said. The husband tried to burn down the house, paramedics have had to come for overdoses.

It all culminated in a SWAT raid in the 1300 block North 169th Street in Shoreline Thursday, netting six arrests, guns, meth, a chunk of heroin the size of a grapefruit and enough stolen property to fill a moving van. Some of the stolen items are believed to be from local schools.

Issues with various renters at the home have been going on since the early 1990 s, but after constant complaints, neighbors thought they finally had the situation rectified. King County raided the place last August and kicked out a house full of criminals. The house was cleaned up.

Things quieted down -- for about six months. Then things got worse quickly.

It s a constant stream of people going in and out, said Houston. Trucks showing up full of stuff and leaving empty.

Houston assumed it was all stolen property being traded for drugs. She had no idea just how dangerous the situation had gotten, however. The bomb squad detonated a pipe bomb found in a bedroom. They found ammunition and blasting caps.

The bomb is kind of over the top, Houston said.

Investigators say one of the six arrested Thursday was busted during the raid last August. That means the home owner could be in trouble.

That same person was allowed to come back and reengage in illegal activity. That changes things, said Shoreline Police Sgt. Katie Larson.

Deputies have been in touch with the property owner, who has been on their radar for quite a while. They say he is now willing to work with them to keep the place cleaned up.

While her stretch of North 169th Street is quiet for the first time in many months, Katy Houston wonders, for how long. Yes, I am hoping this is it, but I'm not optimistic.

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