A rare clouded leopard gave birth to a healthy cub Wednesday morning at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

The zoo staff is providing around-the-clock feedings and care for the half-pound cub, according to general curator Karen Goodrowe Beck. This is routine for the species and has produced the best results in terms of health and well-being of newborn clouded leopard cubs.

We are delighted with the birth of this cub, she added. Clouded leopards are very endangered and every one is a precious addition to the population.

The cub is the third born to mother Chai Li and her mate Nah Fun.

An endangered Sumatran tiger cub, born two weeks ago at Point Defiance, continues to thrive .She's gained almost four pounds since was born on April 17th.

Neither cub has a name yet. The zoo will announce how and when they will be named and when visitors will be able to see them.

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