The future of commuting could come on three wheels.

A new vehicle being manufactured in Michigan is a car-motorcycle hybrid and can go over 100 mph. But the best part: it gets about 670 miles on a tank of gas.

The Elio is federally classified as a motorcycle because it has three wheels, but has all the comforts of a car. It boasts front-wheel drive, three airbags, seat belts, air conditioning, power windows and door locks.

The Elio is expected to hit the market in 2014 and costs less than $7,000.

The car maker says it will be a true American brand.

We believe that we are going to be able to bring this to market with 95 percent North American content. So it's an American car company built in America with American parts, said Paul Elio with Elio Motors.

Find more information about the Elio on the Elio Motors website.

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