Heidi was an elite gymnast and cheerleader at Kentwood High School - the responsible kid who did the right thing.

Life changed when she got in a car with a friend who was drunk and high. He lost control as he sped around a curve. Heidi was just 19. Tuesday was the 9th anniversary of her death:

No parent should ever be called to the morgue to identify their baby, said her father, Eric Munson.

Munson spent Tuesday at Kenmore Junior High, warning kids about the dangers of drink and drugs, keeping a promise he made to his deceased daughter to save others from the fate that befell her.

We can plant a seed. And we know that some of them will hear it and some will not, said Munson.

That's why students are signing a pledge, vowing to avoid situations involving drugs and alcohol. They're given a picture of Heidi as a reminder.

And it's why Eric Munson sings Happy Birthday. Heidi would have turned 29 in five days.

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