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The Gonzaga Bulldogs lost to Wichita the third round of the NCAA tournament and there is one big, rolly polly fan who is sad, yet proud of her team.

Maddie the Bulldog of Gonzaga is the unofficial mascot for the team and is seen around campus and in ads for the university.

Maddie was confident that Gonzaga would go deep in the tournament, and while she had a moment of sadness, she said she is still so very proud to be a Zag!!!

She stresses that she is proud of her Zags for what they do both on and off the court.

Because, at Gonzaga our students are STUDENTS first and then athletes so this is an incredible accomplishment for our student scholars! Go ZAGS!!!! she says.

Last week, Maddie called out ESPN for mispronouncing Gonzaga, posting a note on her Facebook page with a lesson in pronunciation.

Normally I'm a very happy Bulldog but today I decided to use my writing skills to send a note to ESPN, she said.

Maddie says she likes longs walks anywhere, naps, fluffy pillows, treats, and she likes to chew on an occasional toothbrush.

When she watches her Zags play, she stocks up on Milkbones and peanut butter.

I want bacon but my human wont let me get any! she says.

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