Today's guest panel included bestselling author and activist, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, chef and restauranteur, Tom Douglas, and New Day audience coordinator, Suzie Wiley. Our guest panel discusses 13 strange interview mistakes, a grandpa saves kids from a shark; but then loses his job, and more!

Here's a list of the stories we discussed in today's Hot Topics segment (click on each title to read the corresponding story):

Man saves kids from shark; loses his job

Cello denied frequent flyer miles

Dad's letter to gay son goes viral

We also CONGRATULATED Chef Tom Douglas, whose cookbook: THE DAHLIA BAKERY COOKBOOK: SWEETNESS IN SEATTLE has been named a finalist in the James Beard Awards! For more information, please click here. Click here to visit Tom Douglas' website.

Tom also talked about the fundraising kickoff for this year's Seattle Family 4th at Lake Union celebration. Click here for more information, and to make your donation.

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