St. Patrick's Day is this weekend, and if you ask gardening guru Ciscoe Morris, he'll tell you this holiday has more to offer than just shamrocks when it comes to greenery! Ciscoe is here to help us put together a St. Patrick's Day pot to add to your garden.

Make your own St. Patty's Day pot:

The idea is to use mostly green plants to make a gorgeous Pot for St. Paddy's day. This pot is in honer of my long departed grandma Maude O'Hara. The plants in this pot will do best in morning sun, and most of them will last all summer and will come back if planted out in the garden in fall..

Centerpiece: Wilma Goldcrest (Monterey) Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa 'Wilma Goldcrest') This is a lovely golden green narrow conifer.

Special filler plant:: Green Giant Fairy Bells (Disporum cantoniense 'Green Giant'
This is a lovely woodland plant with a elegant form in foliage and flower. !/2 inch bell like flowers, and foliage that looks sort of like bamboo.

Other filler plants:

White Wood Sorrow (Oxalis crassipes 'Alba'

This is a non-weedy selection of Wood Sorrel, recently arrived from Japan. Plants form a low mound of bright-green clover-like leaves, bearing a display of small white flowers in spring.

Trifolium repens var atropurpureum 'Dark Dancer'

An Ornate clover cultivar. Smaller than regular wild white clover, it stands four inches tall. Each leaflet is chocolate-brown to purple-black ringed with jewel-green. Careful, it's lovely, but can seed around like crazy.

Add texture with ferns. I put in an Alaska Fern (Polysticum setiferum) Will get big, but great to move into a shady spot in fall, and a highly textural Narrow Fern ( Dryopteris Barnesii). This also will get tall by fall, but also great for the shade garden.

Finally, while visiting the grocery store I found Shamrock 4 leaf clover plants ((Oxalis regnelii). They had ones with green foliage, but I couldn't resit the ones with gorgeous red leaves for a spot of foliage color. I don't know if they can handle a freeze. That could be the end of them, but I could be wrong about that. It's worth a try.

As a last step, go back to the grocery store and by a Guinness beer. Then sit back, and enjoy a toast in honor of my Grandma Maude O'Hara!

Happy St Patty's Day!

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