Vandals broke into the garage at a Monroe home on Sunday, possibly looking for money. When they didn't find any, they poured paint and oil everywhere, including all over boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

It's heartbreaking, said Dee Brown, who is cookie mom for two Girl Scout troops.

They just generally destroyed the place, said Jeff Brown. My kid's telescope, tools ... $2,500 in cookies.

The Brown's older daughter Kyra had sold nearly 300 of those boxes, but was quick to point out, It's just cookies.

The Browns just think it's unfortunate such a worthless crime with such a harmless victim happened at all.

If you need the money that bad, knock on the door and ask. I'll give you $50, said Jeff.

We had 52 cases of Girl Scout cookies out here and they missed one. Just wanted to let you know, you didn't get it all.

Police are searching for three people, probably teenagers. Anyone with information is asked to call the authorities.

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