It never ceases to amaze how technology keeps getting better and more impressive. Gadget guru, Steve Greenberg, is here to show us some new ultra cool gizmos that actually solve problems.

Smart Solution Gadgets

The Nio System: The nio system virtually chains your iPad/iPhone to a nio Tag to
prevent your device and other valuables from going missing. The nio Tag is a Bluetooth
accessory that can be attached to almost any belonging you wish to keep with you like
your keys, wallet, purse, laptop or carry on. Your device and the nio Tag act like a buddy
system alarming if they become separated. The nio Tag is sleek, small and lightweight and will last 2-4 months on a single charge. This accessory is available now at for $69.95.

HomePlug Certified Devices: HomePlug Certified Devicesturn every power outlet in the home into an Internet access point. If you have a weak Internet signal in one part of your home, you can use a
HomePlug Certified adapter to put your Internet signal into your home s wiring, so you
can get Internet anywhere in your home. It s that simple to extend a wired connection to any device in the home. HomePlug devices are also available as wireless range extenders these products
will use your electrical wiring to extend your Wi-Fi signal from any electrical outlet. Look for the HomePlug Certified logo on any and all products that utilize your home s electrical system to extend your Internet connection. For a list of HomePlug Certified adapters/extenders, go to For more information, go to A pair of adapters starts at around $50.

The Sleek 4G:The Sleek 4G is a cellular signal booster from Wilson Electronics that provides a strong, reliable signal inside cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other vehicles. And with the purchase
of a home kit, it can be used indoors too. It boosts signals for both voice and data, and works on the 4G networks of all major U.S. cellular providers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon also boosts 2G and 3G signals for all U.S. providers. This means it is boosting your voice and data signal even when 4G service is available. The Sleek 4G has an MSRP of $199.95 and is available at as well as, and other retailers. For more information visit A Home Kit Starts at $29.95.

The Electronic Caregiver: The Electronic Caregiver from LifeSupport Medical, saves the lives other systems can t. Using a lightweight, sleek and ultra-durable emergency wrist pendant, a peel-n-stick emergency response buttons placed in common accident locations in the home, and a sensor that detects prolonged inactivity. The Electronic Caregiver features a 24/7 EMT-certified and EMT-staffed monitoring center, a daily medication reminder service, and 24/7 touch-button voice access to trained emergency medical technician operator. It implements a multi- step emergency detection system so customers can get help when they need it most reliably and professionally. This total service is $39.99/month. For more information, go to

iSucker:The iSucker uses a proven suction technology that secures to the back of your iPad or tablet making it easier to hold in your hands, rotate and share information with others. When using the iSucker the weight of the device ergonomically cradles in the palm of your hand, leaving your other hand free to swipe and type. It is the easiest way to hold your iPad or tablet. The iSucker is available in a variety of colors and retails for $24.95. They are available online at

GrooveBook: Groovebook is a FREE App that prints your monthly camera roll into a beautiful 4.5 x 6.5 photobook for $2.99 and mails it to you monthly. Your photos are printed on glossy photo paper and are perforated for easy removal so you can share, frame or put into albums and they also include the location and date outside of perforation for reference. Upload and receive your GrooveBook in the mail in about 7 days. More info go to:

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