Two Seattle elected officials are in a big argument over police reform.

The rift is so bad, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants City Attorney Pete Holmes to step away from the case.

McGinn wants another city attorney to handle police reform negotiations.

It swirls around a plan prepared by Seattle Police Chief John Diaz on how the court appointed monitor will carry out his oversite duties.

The mayor accused Holmes of an ethics violation, saying Holmes' office sent the plan to the monitor.

Some confidential documents were shared without our knowledge or permission, said McGinn. You want to be able to share, strategize and collaborate with your attorney without that information being shared against your will or used to undermine your own objectives.

In an email, Holmes refuses to screen himself out of the case citing the City Charter, which he says the City Attorney supervisory control over all litigation and...this remains a pending lawsuit under supervision of a federal judge.

Holmes' office also denies any wrongdoing in an email: Mr. Holmes has violated no client confidences or breached any ethical obligations to his client, the City of Seattle.

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