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King County Sheriff s detectives confiscated guns, ammunition and robbery kits while investigating the sale of allegedly stolen items on Craigslist.

The sheriff s office said the owner of a company south of Seattle reported the theft of $22,000 worth of Bluetooth keyboards and tripods earlier this month. He believed the theft was an inside job because there were no signs of forced entry to the warehouse.

The owner located the items for sale on Craigslist. An employee also thought he recognized the home where the photos in the Craigslist ad had been taken.

The sheriff s office said the home belonged a recently fired employee of the company, as well as a current employee. A search warrant was obtained and detectives recovered the stolen items, including 17 guns, ammunition, outlaw motorcycle gang paraphernalia and robbery kits. The kits included a mask, gloves and large zip-ties that were fashioned into handcuffs.

One suspect was booked into jail. The other had been questioned and released before the search warrant was served. Formal charges are still pending for both.

The sheriff's office did not say whether they suspect that any of the items were used in any crimes.

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