What does it mean to be 13 years old?

If you're Dominick Cura, sometimes it's rock climbing with friends, and sometimes it's making gluten-free carrot cupcakes from scratch.

The eighth grader bakes with confidence. It s not the kind of ease teenage boys typically have in the kitchen, but it's Dominick's way of dealing with an autoimmune disorder.

When I was little, I had lots of headaches, my legs would hurt, and it would be hard to sleep at night, he said.

At age nine, doctors diagnosed him with celiac disease, a severe gluten-intolerance.

I remember thinking I had to change my entire life because almost everything has gluten in it, said Dominick.

All the food he loved was suddenly off-limits. So Dominick decided, if they didn't sell what he wanted to eat, he'd simply make it.

I found a cookbook and I started baking from it - and I liked it , Dominick explained. And then when I finished all the recipes, I decided to make my own.

Dominick's aptitude in the kitchen is the real deal. Last year, he entered The Bite of Seattle's video cooking contest - and won.

Plus, he's also a published author. He wrote the cookbook Eternally Gluten-Free, which is filled with his own recipes.

Dominick Cura took a diagnosis that seemed like the end of the world and turned it into a new beginning.

Because of it, I made a cookbook, have my own blog, started baking. Who knows what else might happen from it? he said.

For more info on Dominick and his gluten free treats check out his blog

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