A handwritten kill list by a middle school student has the town of Eatonville uneasy. On it, the boy targeted 10 classmates. He s now expelled and in custody at the Remann Hall Juvenile Detention Center in Tacoma.

Police and School officials aren t saying much, but parents believe the boy was being bullied. They say thankfully, another student found his list and told somebody.

Parents were alerted of the threat and the school s swift action on a recording that went out Friday night.

It informed them of the incident and that all 10 parents of the children listed were notified.

It helped ease the fear a little bit, said Crystal Nykreim, a parent whose son attends the school.

Nykreim says it also assured parents all kids were safe.

It s scary but I think they covered it really well, she said.

The principal asked parents to not allow their kids to engage in social media. Police aren t sure if the list was a joke or not but given the recent Sandy Hook tragedy, threats like this have extra emphasis.

Things like this are totally unacceptable. Kids need to know they just can t do that, said Ray Harper, Eatonville Mayor and police spokesman.

Nykreim is hopeful the student that made the threats can receive help. She also believes the ten students named on the kill list can learn something.

If there was anyone that was bullying, hopefully they ll think about it more and be aware of it and realize their actions affect other people, she said.

Eatonville police have turned this case over to the Pierce County Prosecutor s Office.

Officials say the student could be charged with felony harassment, which means up to two years in a juvenile detention center.

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