Some Marysville residents say last week, in a matter of minutes, their basements and crawl spaces were flooded by water that oozed straight up out of the ground.

Two of the hardest hit, neighbors Denise Jantz and Roy Myers, are convinced the problem is coming from the shopping center and industrial parks that sprang up on each side of their little neighborhood on Marysville's north end.

They say workers were pumping out an overflowing retention pond at the nearby Winco Shopping Center at the height of the storm. They believe that water flowed into their yards and under their homes.

We have all these sources that have been added to the area and they're all sheeting off into this neighborhood, said Jantz.

City workers inspected the damage today and are planning to run cameras down the drainage system to see if they can find any blockages, but Public Works Director Kevin Neilson said he believes this is a more natural problem. He says heavy rain last year and last month have raised the water table so high it can flood during heavy storms.

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