When you re thirsty do you reach for water, soda, or an energy drink? What we drink may really change our health and our risk for health problems. There s some new information about the consequences of regularly drinking soda, vitamin-infused waters, energy drinks, and mixing these caffeinated beverages with alcohol.

KING 5 s Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician at the Everett Clinic and known online as Seattle Mama Doc, gives more info about the possible risks, and tells us what parents need to know.

Risks From Soda, Energy Drinks & Alcohol

  • Soda is known to contribute to unhealthy weight
  • Teens consume caffeinated energy drinks quickly
  • Caffeine in energy drink may be 2-3 times that of coffee
  • Energy drinks & alcohol pose serious health risks

What Parents Need To Know

  • Soda is known to contribute to weight gain
  • One third of 16 year-olds report drinking alcohol; one third of teens drink energy drinks
  • Energy drinks with caffeine, and alcohol, pose health risks
  • Kids get hooked on soda, vitamin waters, and energy drinks early
  • Advertisers may target young children & teens successfully


  • A fact sheet from the CDC about risks of caffeinated beverages
  • A blog post about Coca-Cola s anti-obesity advertising
  • An article about the risk energy drinks pose to teens
  • A pediatrics study on 10th graders and alcohol

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