The U.S. Senate will hold hearings into the Boeing 787. The committee's chairman says it could be in the coming weeks and will look at federal safety oversight and the FAA's decision to allow Boeing to use controversial lithium ion batteries in its Dreamliner.

A 787 had a battery fire in a Japan Airlines 787 in Boston on Jan. 7. Then, just a week ago in Japan, pilots reported smoke aboard another 787. The same battery, but in a different location.

Today, NTSB investigators visited the Securaplane factory in Arizona. Securaplane made the battery chargers. Overcharging is one of the possibilities investigators are looking into.

They're also looking at circuit boards, wiring and other relevant parts of the plane like the auxiliary power unit.

Another team of U.S. and Japanese investigators spent a second day at the headquarters and factory at GS-YUASA which made the two lithium ion batteries.

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