We know Fabio as a romance novel icon model & spokesman.

Years ago he was named the God of Romance and Sexiest Man in the World. But, as it turns out, he's also a health and wellness aficionado.

Fabio is in Seattle this week promoting a new line of whey protein powder and other supplements, Healthy Planet Vitamins.

Evening Magazine's Kim Holcomb met up with Fabio to talk about health and fitness.

Kim: This is not your first time in Seattle, you've been here before, and you used to live here?

Fabio: I used to live here, when I was 19 years old, I came from Italy. I used to live up in Magnolia. I love Seattle.

Kim: It seems like you've always taken everything you've done with a grain of salt and approached it with a bit of a sense of humor, is that safe to say?

Fabio: Always, I always say life is too short, life is too short. You have to have fun with life .
I always realized from a young age, God only gave you one body. I believe in nutrition, and before you tell other people, you need to live it, otherwise you're a hypocrite.

Kim: The way that you take care of yourself is more precise than most people are willing to do. Do you drink alcohol?

Fabio: No, I don't drink alcohol.

Kim: Eat cheese?

Fabio: No cheese.

Kim: Bread?

Fabio: No bread.

Kim: So for the average person, what is your advice to them to stay healthy?

Fabio: It's very simple, take everything with moderation, and remember keep your body hydrated, especially if you drink, and especially take the highest-quality protein in mother nature. And the highest-quality protein in mother nature is whey. Everything in your body will generate better and faster. So you want to have healthier hair, healthier skin, more density in your bone, leaner muscle, less body fat, faster metabolism. There's nothing more powerful in mother nature than real whey.

You can meet Fabio through the weekend at the following Metropolitan Market stores:
Admiral: Jan. 17th, 4-7PM
Sand Point: Jan. 18th, Noon-3PM
Uptown: Jan. 18th, 4-7PM
Proctor: Jan. 19th, Noon-3PM
Kirkland: Jan. 19th, 4-7PM
Magnolia: Jan. 20th, 3-6PM

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