KING 5 News aired a special report Wednesday night on the status of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.

Watch segments from KING5's special:

787 Troubles - Part 1: The Investigation

787 Troubles - Part 2: 787's Battery Problems

787 Troubles - Part 3: Reaction in Japan

787 Troubles - Part 4: Reaction in Everett

787 Troubles - Part 5: Analysis by Aviation Expert Todd Curtis

787 Troubles - Part 6: Boeing's Legacy

787 Troubles - Part 7: Final Thoughts

Over the past week and a half, Dreamliners operated by two major airlines have experienced battery problems and fuel leaks. A Japan Airlines 787 experienced a fire in a battery compartment last week while it was parked at a gate at Boston's Logan International Airport.

An All Nippon Airways 787 was forced to make an emergency landing on early Wednesday (Japan time) after warning lights suggested a battery fire. In December, a United Airlines 787 made an emergency landing in New Orleans after a similar warning light.

U.S. air safety experts have found enough of an issue with the Dreamliner's battery system that the FAA ordered all of 787s operating in the United States grounded - a move expected to be followed by airlines worldwide.

Boeing's 787 is key to the aerospace giant's future. Assembled in Everett and a plant in South Carolina, the plane's fuel efficiency and other design features appeal to airlines looking to service long-haul routes.

Is the 787 program in trouble? How is Boeing working with the FAA and airlines to find the cause of the battery problems? Is a quick fix realistic? KING 5 News addresses these questions in our special.

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