NBA fever is heating up in Seattle, and also in the upcoming race for Seattle mayor. The most high profile candidates don't agree on the location for a new arena.

The city and county shouldn't be bowing to this kind of pressure, said Peter Steinbrueck, former Seattle City Council Member and mayoral candidate. I think it's far more important to protect and support our maritime industrial base and the port's shipping operations.

The mayor's race is splitting into sides over where to put a new basketball arena.

On the day Mayor Mike McGinn announced his re-election campaign Wednesday, the NBA story hit. McGinn stands with private investor Chris Hansen, pushing for a new arena in Seattle's SODO neighborhood, where Hansen has already bought property.

He's paid a lot of money for that land and I'm sure he's determined to see it located there, said Steinbrueck. It just happens to be in the worst choke point in the city when it comes to freight mobility.

State Senator Ed Murray, another Seattle Mayoral hopeful, said he will follow the process that is in place. But, if the SODO location is not approved, he would pick another.

There are other sites, such as Key Arena. There are opportunities for people to walk to that arena to use it, said Murray.

Another prominent candidate, Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess, declined comment because, he says, the city is facing a lawsuit by those who want to see other arena locations considered.

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