In 2012, the KING 5 Investigators tackled compelling issues that caused viewers to take notice and state lawmakers to take action.

In the KING 5 Investigators Primetime Special, Susannah Frame, Chris Ingalls and Linda Byron expose staggering fraud involving millions of tax dollars and lapses in public safety.

Fraud on the Job: Susannah Frame's investigation of the state agency charged with supervising road contracts for minority and women-owned companies.

Bad Apples: Chris Ingalls looks at how rotten apples from Washington orchards can pass through the USDA inspection system and into food on our grocery shelves.

Unnecessary Roughness? Linda Byron looks at how a Shoreline dentist was able to conduct unneeded root canals on patients for years.

Boy Scouts' Secret Files: Susannah Frame was the first reporter in the country to get a look at secret files the Boy Scouts of America had compiled for decades on sexual predators.

Profiting Non-profit: Chris Ingalls reports on Delta Dental, a non-profit dental insurance company that cut payments to dentists while rewarding its own executives with higher salaries.

Trail of the Gun: Chris Ingalls reports on how Washington state police departments are failing to test firearms taken from arrests, search warrants or traffic stops. Basic ballistics test on the crime guns in their custody could help police solve seemingly unconnected crimes.

Lessons Learned: Linda Byron explores how Cincinnati implemented federally mandated police reforms a decade ago to see how that city's experience could inform Seattle's own efforts to reform its police department.

Not for Personal Use: Susannah Frame exposes how employees at one state agency were using their work computers for personal projects and business ventures.

Lifeline to Justice: Prosecutor Amy Freedheim is on a mission to stop deadly traffic accidents caused by DUI drivers.

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