Shelton, Washington, dreaming for a white Christmas?

Timmy Brown is not.

I don't like snow. When it snows, we work and we work for a long time, said Brown, who works for Mason County Public Utility District Number One.

Brown worked over the weekend and into the evening several nights after last week's snowstorm along Hood Canal.

As many as 5,000 homes were without power after snow toppled trees and took down power lines. Most of the power has been restored.

But with forecasts predicting snow, Brown is preparing to work Christmas day.

This is what we get paid for, said Brown, When you work here you feel responsible. You got to get out and then put it [power lines] back up.

Amy Thornton, who's visiting family in Shelton for Christmas, can't wait for the snow.

It makes it so pretty when it's a white Christmas. It's so picturesque, said Thornton.

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