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The FDA reported in September that at least 350 dogs died in an 18-month period, reportedly after eating chicken jerky treats made in China.

Dog owners angry that there has been no recall of the pet treats plan to demonstrate outside Walmart stores on Friday in what they are calling Black Friday for Pets.

They will be there with protest signs and fliers to hand out to consumers.

Why Black Friday?

Organizers say there are several reasons, but the biggest is media.

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Every year, the media is in front of Walmarts across the U.S., filming the shopping frenzy. So by demonstrating at the stores on this day, they have guaranteed media attention.

And if Walmart employees follow through with a threatened strike, there is an even greater chance that media will be on-scene.

Another reason for the demonstration is that Walmart is the largest national retailer, and organizers believe if Walmart removes the treats from store shelves, it is likely other retailers will follow.

Protesters will be asking Walmart to remove all Chinese imported jerky treats from store shelves until the FDA has issued a statement the treats are safe for pets to consume.

The following letter has been sent to Walmart ...

Organizers sent the following letter to Walmart:

This letter is to inform you that thousands of distraught pet food consumers have tried and tried to encourage your company to remove jerky pet treats imported from China from your store shelves - to no avail. Walmart has ignored every plea. Walmart has ignored three warnings from the FDA, and Walmart has ignored FDA reports of more than 360 pet deaths in the last 18 months. We have to ask...Does Walmart care about pets?

Last year, Walmart did a very good thing. Walmart removed a suspect baby formula from store shelves. There was no recall of the baby formula, there was no clinical evidence the baby formula was dangerous. Yet Walmart decided the safety of children was more important. Walmart took swift action to protect children and pulled the formula from store shelves nationwide; your press release stated Walmart acted out of an abundance of caution .

There is an urgent need for another 'abundance of caution' action by Walmart. Walmart needs to lead the way for other retailers and remove all Chinese imported jerky treats from store shelves nationwide. Walmart needs to prove to millions of pet food consumers your corporation is just as cautious about every product sold in your stores as you have been with baby products, this includes pet products.

Does Walmart care about the safety of the pet products it sells? If Walmart can 'act out of an abundance of caution' for baby food consumers, we ask if Walmart will act out of caution for pet food consumers? Does Walmart care about our pets?

Thousands of pet food consumers will be at Walmarts all across the U.S. and Canada on November 23, 2012 - Black Friday - to ask your store managers these questions. We will be there early in the morning when hundreds of consumers are waiting in line. We have planned to ask you our questions specifically on Black Friday because we want your response to be in front of the media - who will already be filming the shopping frenzy at Walmarts all across the U.S. We want your answers to be public information.

Tony Corbo

Mollie Morrissette

Susan Thixton


Are you planning on demonstrating?

You can print out flyers via theBlack Friday for PetsFacebook page.

You can also pinpoint your location on aGoogle map

If you are in the Seattle area and plan to demonstrate, please drop me an e-mail at

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