Cougars great and former Saints player Steve Gleason should be released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. Gleason was taken to the hospital last night. He was unresponsive at the Eagles & Saints game for Monday Night Football. Team Gleason posted the story below on his Facebook page. It's an explanation of what happened. Check it out below:

Last night at the Saints/Eagles game Steve was experiencing flu like symptoms (nausea, fever, dehydration and light headedness, which can be intensified for ALS patients). With the help of Superdome staff, friends and family he was taken to Ochsner Medical Center. Doctors, nurses and staff helped stabilize Steve's symptoms and monitored him overnight. He is being released from the hospital this afternoon and will follow up with his primary care doctor over the next 48 hours.

Steve and Michel are incredibly grateful to friends, family, Ochsner, the Saints, and the public for their continued love and support.

Steve is no stranger to overcoming adversity and obstacles. So, despite spending the night in the hospital, Steve anticipates getting back to the mission of Team Gleason soon.

Great game last night.

No White Flags!

(from the Team Gleason Facebook page)

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