Senior mobile home parks are on alert after a string of at least seven burglaries in the last few weeks.

Burglars broke in and stole from people while they slept in the same room at the Lynnwood Heights Mobile Home Park in Lynnwood and the Carriage Club Estates in Everett.

We didn t hear a thing, didn t hear a thing, said Maureen Smith, a victim.

Seventy-four-year-old Smith said last week someone broke into her home between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

They came in, shut the light off, she said.

They took her debit card and withdrew $800 from it.

With four other victims nearby, the Snohomish County Sheriff s Office held a public meeting and passed out fliers with safety tips.

I have a fireplace poker by the side of my bed, said Joan Graham, a concerned resident.

The same thing happened a few miles away at the Carriage Club Estates in Everett, where crooks climbed through bathroom windows.

They re quick, they re quiet, they re not getting caught, said Denise Avery, who lives near one of the burglarized homes.

Managers are now patrolling two to three times a night at different times to protect residents.

I get really nervous at night, said Smith.

Smith is scared to go to sleep. She fears burglars may come back.

Are they going to bring a gun? Are they going to bring a knife? What happens if you wake up? she said.

Residents are questioning everyone they don t recognize because police don t have a description of potential suspects.

The Snohomish County Sheriff s Office recommends residents use alarms, wooden dowels to secure windows and upgrade to stronger doors.

But with seniors on a limited income, some say they can t afford it.

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