KING5's Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson talks about the importance of getting your child immunized.

Who needs flu shots the most?

  • Children between 6 and 18 years of age
  • Children with asthma, diabetes or neurologic conditions
  • Pregnant moms & families with infants

Flu shot science

  • Flu shots have 3 strains: 2 Influenza A & 1 Influenza B
  • Flu shots are an annual shot to protect us as the virus changes
  • Over 100 countries test flu strains year round to predict what strains are needed
  • For those between 2 and 49 years, a nasal flu spray is available

What Parents Can Do

  • It's not too early. Go for flu shots now!
  • Some children will need 2 doses (1 month apart) if under age 9
  • 10-40% of children get influenza each season-- so stay home when ill
  • Pregnant moms and parents to infants should get shots to protect their babies

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