Billy Chambers, one of three juveniles who pleaded guilty in the fatal beating of a beloved Seattle figure known as Tuba Man is back behind bars.

Ed Tuba Man McMichael, 53, known for playing his tuba outside Seattle sporting events, was killed in October 2008. Three 15-year-olds, including Chambers, pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter. Because of their age at the time, they were not charged as adults.

After serving a few months in juvenile detention for the death of McMichael, Chambers was released. He went back to jail after an armed robbery in 2010, but two weeks after he was released, Chambers was arrested for a disturbance on a Metro bus in which he allegedly refused to pay the fare and stopped the bus from pulling away.

Chambers, now 19, was in a car stopped by King County sheriff s deputies Wednesday afternoon in Burien, The Seattle Times reports. Someone reported Chambers and another person had stolen items out of another vehicle, according to probable cause documents. Deputies allegedly found an assault rifle in the trunk of Chambers car during a safety check.

Court records show Chambers is prohibited from possessing guns.

A judge said she found probable cause that Chambers committed a car prowl, but not unlawful possession of a firearm. The judge voiced concern about how the rifle was found, questioning how a safety check to protect deputies led them to the trunk.

The King County prosecutor s office is reviewing the case.

The Times reports Chambers was released from the Monroe Correctional Complex on Sept. 18 after serving most of a 22-month sentence for attempted second-degree assault. Chambers reportedly has been behind bars at least five times and been convicted of crimes twice since McMichael's death.

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