OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The Washington Supreme Court is considering whether to strike down a rule that makes it more difficult for the Legislature to raise taxes.

Justices heard arguments Tuesday from education advocates and the state over a law that requires lawmakers to pass taxes with a two-thirds majority, instead of a simple majority.

Advocates argue that the voter-approved rule has prevented the state from adequately funding education and other areas of government. They believe the state Constitution says lawmakers can pass taxes with a simple majority.

An attorney for the state reminded justices that the measure was approved by a majority of voters.

Voters most recently approved the supermajority rule two years ago and initiative promoter Tim Eyman is asking the public to renew the measure in November.

Documents related to the case are posted on the state Supreme Court website:

* State's Opening Brief
* Respondent Brief
* Respondents' Opening Brief
* State's Reply to Gregoire
* State's Reply to LEV
* AWB Amicus
* FF Amicus
* LWV Amicus
* Reply to Amicus LWV
* Response to Amicus of AWB, Et Al
* Answer to AWB Amicus

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