Change can be hard. So straighten up, bow your back and get ready for the very fabric of your world to be torn asunder. Change is coming, and it s coming to The Puyallup.

You know that first musical promo that really branded the Puyallup State fair hit the local airwaves in 1976, 36 years ago.

Do the Puyallup? We can do it in our sleep. You could swear it echoes in the noise of rush hour traffic on 167.

We say hello for something new, and say a semi-goodbye to The Puyallup. That little fair in Pierce County is stepping up to the big-time. The biggest annual event in the State wants to be known as what it essentially already is: The Washington State Fair.

Fair organizers say a simple name change will make it easier for them to draw national sponsors and big-name entertainers.

You have to grow, said spokesperson Karen LaFlamme. You can t get left behind.

The change has been under consideration for several years. Their marketing research shows they would just be catching up with the way many people perceive the event now anyway. Lots of people already .really think of us as THE State Fair .

And what about Doing the Puyallup ? Don t expect the song or the phrase to go away completely.

You can t leave something like that behind, LaFlamme said with a laugh. It s just to good.

So the new name, the semi-new name will now be The Washington State fair: Do the Puyallup.

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