From revolution to rebirth to an act of revenge. The attack on the US consulate in Libya killed Ambassador Chirstopher Stevens, a man Libyans considered one of them.

Rashid Bseikri has nothing but gratitude for Stevens.

He was there from the first day of the revolution, people loved him.

The two men shared a love of Libya and liberation for a country in a decades-long grip of a ruthless dictator. Bseikri was a lead organizer in the first every demonstration against the Gaddafi regime in 1975.

Bseikri would soon be arrested, jailed and tortured-- twice. He fled in 1979 and finally returned 32 years later-- after the death of Gaddafi.

So when news of the attack broke, a part of Bseikri's heart broke too. Because this country that had become a poster child for progress had suddenly taken a giant step back.

So excited about change. People were full of inspiration and hope. And then something like this, said Bseikri.

This brutal attack preceded by riots-- all apparent backlash over an American-made anti-muslim video. An attack Bseikri insists was carried out by Libyans, not Libya.

I thank God for the United States all the time, to save the people of Benghazi, I'm very appreciative.

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