Dr. Susan Enfield started her day, not in her car, but on a school bus with students at White Center Heights elementary. That s how the new superintendent of Highline Public Schools wanted to kick off the school year.

I like to ride the school bus the first day every year. Fun to do. Great to meet some of the school bus drivers, the first face our kids see in the morning, said Enfield.

The new face of Highline Schools spent the morning introducing herself to students, posing for pictures and being a constant cheerleader.

Enfield seemed genuinely happy to be here, after deciding not to pursue a permanent position as head of Seattle Schools following the firing of Maria Goodloe-Johnson. In the wake of budget cuts at Highline, Enfield has her work cut out for her.

I think with any district like ours, making sure we have the resources to support our teachers in meeting the diverse needs of our students, continues to be likely the biggest challenge that we have and so we've had to be more creative in how we do that, said Enfield.

In this diverse district of 18,000 students, one of the first things Enfield wants to do is raise the bar.

I don't think we expect enough of our kids. Our kids are capable of a tremendous amount and we need to believe that and show them we believe that, she said.

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