We don't know much about the woman known as Vicky - her age, or where she lives. But she is a presence in courtrooms across the country, trying to make the people who download her images pay her back

Seattle attorney Carol Hepburn reads the words of Vicky:

I'm living every day with the knowledge everyday someone is watching the most horrifying moments of my life and taking grotesque pleasure in them, she reads.

In 300 federal criminal cases across the nation, men are accused of trading video's of Vicky -- who was 10 years old at the time -- being brutally raped by her father.

I'm told by law enforcement that her videos are among the most widely traded in the world, said Hepburn.

In Seattle Federal Court on Friday, government attorneys argued that Josh Kennedy should pay restitution -- money to pay for Vicky's therapy -- for 48 images of Vicky found on his computer in 2007.

It's an argument Hepburn has made at sentencing hearings across the country -- a rare case of a child porn victim striking back.

Very few of these victims have the strength and the wherewithal to come forward. It's very shameful for them. My client is one of the few who is trying to do something about this and wants to put a voice to the victims, said Hepburn.

Agents from the Department of Homeland Security routinely uncover the Vicky videos in their child porn investigations.

In a lot of our cases we seen known victims. It's over and over. Once it's on the Internet it's there forever, said Andrew Munoz, Dept of Homeland Security.

Even though hundreds have been prosecuted for viewing Vicky's video it's still on the Internet.

Recent court rulings have made it much more difficult for victims of child porn to collect restitution.

On Friday, the judge indicated Vicky might receive just $4,400, far less than the $150,000 she sought from Kennedy.

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