You may soon receive a phone call from Puget Sound's recycle and yard waste drivers on strike.

Just before 1:00 p.m., an employee in our newsroom received a call from 1-800-230-7418 -- the numberthe striking union, Teamsters Local 117, is directing customers to call if they don't have trash service.

An automated voicemail message was left, here's what it said:

I am Brent Barrett, one of your recycle drivers calling with a critical update on your garbage pickup:
Waste Management Corporation is substituting us with drivers from out of state who may not be qualified to drive heavy garbage trucks on our region's dangerous roads.
Please be careful. Make sure your children stay out of the way of the trucks. Call police if you see something dangerous.
No trash pickup? Leave it on the curb and then call 1-800-230-7418.

That number is also listed on, a website included in all of Local 117's latest press releases regarding the strike with Waste Management.

Local 117 represents the recycle and yard waste drivers only. Hower, Local 174, the union for garbage truck drivers, is refusing to cross picket lines while their colleagues negotiate with Waste Management.

The trash strike has been on for seven days and encompasses King, Snohomish and parts of Skagit counties. Waste Management has begun to hire replacement drivers to take the spots of striking workers.

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