Boeing and federal investigators are looking for what caused debris from the engine of a brand new 787 Dreamliner to fall off the plane and spark a grass fire at Charleston International Airport in South Carolina Saturday.

The Wall Street Journal reports the incident happened during a preflight test. The 787 was powered with engines made by General Electric and was set to be delivered to Air India.

A person familiar with the investigation ruled out a foreign object being sucked into the engine, and that the focus would be on the engine s turbine section. There was no damage to the front fan.

A GE spokeperson confirmed debris came out of the back of the engine and was contained by the casing that surrounds the engine.

In a statement, Boeing said we are unaware of any operational issue that would present concerns about the continued safe operation of in-service 787s powered by GE engines.

The 787 is assembled in North Charleston, S.C., and in Everett, Wash.

Last week, several All Nippon Airways 787 s with Rolls-Royce PLC Trent 1000 engines were grounded after corrosion was found in gearbox components.

Story compiled by KING5's Travis Pittman

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