SEATAC, Wash. - Shamso Yusuf was reunited with her daughter after a frantic night.

I was at work, I get a call from my babysitter and she said my daughter was missing, said Yusuf.

Her daughter, Salma, had been at her babysitter's house in Sea-Tac. Salma is a 7-year-old with special needs. King County Sheriff's deputies dispatched their resources to find the young girl.

She's autistic, so she does not speak or communicate, so we were very worried, said Sgt. Patrick McCurdy.

Salma had been in a fenced yard with her sister.

Her sister went to go get her a glass of water. Literally, 30 seconds or less, she turned around and the gate was open, said Sgt. McCurdy.

Salma was gone. To make matters more difficult, the little girl likes to hide. After an hour and a half, a neighbor found Salma, unharmed. She was down the street and around the corner, less than a mile away from her babysitter's house.

It's a miracle, it's a miracle, said Yusuf who praised the police work and neighbors for their help.

Sgt. McCurdy said, I am ecstatic, I had to choke back a couple tears and got more hugs than I have had in a long time.

After police were alert, deputies found the girl safe at a SeaTac location.
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